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Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of fine needles into the skin.  The needles used are ultra thin…much thinner than used in western medicine.  Most of our patients report a pleasant or neutral sensation when needles are being placed.  Needles are used to direct and balance energy within the body.




Moxabustion is the infusion of warmth into the body using a plant called Mugwort.  It is common throughout China and the Southern United States.  The dried plant is is combusted loosely or wrapped up like a cigar.  The herb is held a few inches above the skin while lit until a nourishing sensation of warmth and relaxation permeate the skin and muscles in the region.  Moxabustion is used to infuse the body with energy and improve circulation.




Cupping is the use of vacuum suction applied to the back, shoulders and other parts of the body to affect a much needed and gentle release of deeper muscles and fascia and various layers of qi within the body.  Cupping helps release stagnant energy from the body.



Tui Na (Body Work)

Tui Na is an ancient style of massage that can be applied either in a full body sequence or in focused areas to address acute and chronic conditions.  Tui Na can be used to promote health and push out disharmony in nearly every aspect of human health.  While it shines as a preventive tool, keeping our body’s inner physiological relationships in harmony, it is also commonly used to address digestive disorders, the stress-anxiety-depression triad, poor sleep, and of course musculoskeletal problems as well.


Herbal Medicine

Herbs can be used externally as liniments, soaks and washes or internally as pills, teas and decoctions to address a variety of disharmonies. Plants, stones, and other natural medicines have tremendous healing properties we can use to heal acute and chronic physical and mental health conditions and injuries, and also to promote long-term health and wellness.





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