Acupuncture In The Modern World


Acupuncture Medicine has a vital role to play in our modern system of health care – in the United States and all over the world.  We know that surgical interventions and powerful medicines like antibiotics and opioids save lives and can help with pain.  But research now clearly shows that these therapies do not solve all our problems.

In 2017 the American College of Physicians released a report with guidelines for treating acute, sub-acute, and chronic low back pain with non-surgical methods, strongly recommending acupuncture as a front line therapy of first choice.  Also in 2017, the Food and Drug Administration revised their guidelines for opioid and opioid-like medicines, recommending that doctors utilize non-pharmacologic approaches for treating pain in order to address the overuse of opioids that have lead to the current epidemic of addiction troubling so many American communities and veterans.

Evidence has shown that, as a mono-therapy, opioids are less effective than is widely believed.  And, effective as of January 2018, the Joint Commission (our national health care facility accreditation agency) is mandating that hospitals offer non-pharmacologic alternatives as additional tools for pain management.

This is where Acupuncture Medicine can serve our nation’s health care system as a resource for doctors who need results for suffering patients.  This is where Acupuncture Medicine can serve patients who need relief, who need to get better and move on with their lives.



Patients need access to surgical and pharmaceutical therapies.  And they also need access to other evidence-based therapies, like Acupuncture Medicine, that will help manage their symptoms, resolve their suffering, improve their health, and get them back to living their lives.

Acupuncture Medicine does not replace Western Medicine.  It does not offer an alternative to Western Medicine, nor does it compete with Western Medicine.  Acupuncture Medicine completes Western Medicine.


As research and education expand and develop, Acupuncture Medicine techniques can be more fully integrated into a coherent medical system.  Public health concerns and personal health issues will be treated even more effectively with a graduated response and therapy system that includes surgery and pharmaceuticals, and also the therapeutic interventions of Acupuncture Medicine.


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