Chronic and Acute Pain Relief


Acupuncture Medicine is a powerful key that can unlock the prison labyrinth of Chronic and Acute Pain.  In fact, Pain Relief is the number one reason people use Acupuncture Medicine in the United States today.  In partnership with the prescribing Physician, many people use Acupuncture Medicine to reduce the amount or frequency of Pain Relief Medicines they take to manage their pain.  Patients do not usually quit their prescribed medicines after their first Acupuncture Session.  That would be magic.  And real healing is not magic, it is work – and at Longview Acupuncture, it is Team Work.  Together we work, together we heal.

Within Acupuncture Medicine, Pain is how your body tells you that the sum total of your Life Force Energy (your “Qi”)

is not circulating properly in a particular area of your body, mind, or spirit.  Acupuncture Medicine is so good at helping people find relief from Chronic and Acute Pain because it not only decreases pain but also helps resolve the underlying issue that is causing the pain in the first place.  When the sink overflows, you must mop the floor but also turn off the water.



The power of Acupuncture Medicine is its ability to simultaneously target pain relief and create a globalized, full-body healing response.  Chronic Pain, or any level of intense Acute Pain, creates a lot of static distortion within our bodies, interrupting our natural healing response.  Pain is a chaotic signal going in and out of our Nervous System, echoing through the other systems in our bodies in a circle that begins again before it ends.  And that is why pill-based regimens alone do not work for serious pain.



When you visit Longview Acupuncture, we take into account your Medical Team’s Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.  That way, you get the best treatment from us and the rest of your team.  Then we do what Acupuncture Medicine does best.  We use our special combination of techniques to stop your pain and get your body to heal.

Acupuncture Medicine does not replace Western Medicine. It does not offer an alternative to Western Medicine, nor does it compete with Western Medicine.  Acupuncture Medicine completes Western Medicine.


Treating pain at Longview Acupuncture typically involves more than one session.  The first session usually lasts between an hour and a half and two hours.  The Acupuncturist conducts an intake to completely understand your problem and then performs a full treatment to make your problem smaller.  Of course, each treatment is customized to each individual.  You can read more about our Therapeutic Approaches on our page  About Acupuncture Medicine Therapies.  Follow-Up sessions are usually 45-60 minutes with a shorter intake, and more emphasis on treating the patient.

It is possible for you to live a life with less pain or even no pain.  This is our purpose and our specialty.

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