Wellness Maintenance and Nourishing Life


Like most everything else, your health and wellness must be maintained throughout your life.  Just like a car or a house, large and expensive repairs can be mostly avoided by simply changing the filters,  fixing small leaks and unclogging pipes before they overflow and ruin the floors and, eventually, the foundation.

We have an amazing ability to heal ourselves from all kinds of problems, usually without much conscious effort.  When we cut ourselves or break a bone, our bodies regenerate new tissue and we heal.  However our modern lives add stress to our bodies and our minds every day.  These stress factors need to be resolved before they slowly clog our pipes and our filters, and cause real problems.

But how do we actually do this?  Much of modern medicine provides a pill or a procedure to cure disease but not much along the pathway of preventing it.  What can we do?

Fortunately there is a simple key to living a long, healthy, happy life: resolve small problems before they become big problems.



One of the best and safest ways to do this is with Acupuncture Medicine.  By gently stimulating the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself, you can and will live a life with greater joy, freedom, and purpose.

A Wellness Visit at Longview Acupuncture typically involves an intake, just like at your doctor’s office, so the Acupuncturist fully understands which Organ Systems to support during your session.  What makes Longview Acupuncture unique is our combination of Acupuncture, bodywork (Tui Na), heat therapy (Moxibustion), and Cupping along with some simple lifestyle or dietary recommendations as necessary.  Of course, each treatment is customized to each person, depending on what they need.  You can read more about our Therapeutic Approaches in our page About Acupuncture Services.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length and focus on Acupuncture and Moxabustion with cupping or other therapies as needed.  If you would like a full hour of massage before your Acupuncture session, you can schedule an hour of Tui Na (Acupuncture Medicine Bodywork) with our Acupuncturist, or you can schedule an hour of massage with one of the Massage Therapists who are a part of our Health Collective.



The deep truth at the heart of it all is that life is more fun and fulfilling when we feel good.

Lets get you feeling good.  And lets keep you feeling good!


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