What Is Acupuncture Medicine

Acupuncture Medicine is an amazing system of health care.  It has been used by billions of people for thousands of years to maintain health, cure epidemic infectious diseases, heal the body from traumatic injuries, and ultimately extend human life.

Acupuncture Medicine does not replace Western Medicine.  It does not offer an alternative to Western Medicine, nor does it compete with Western Medicine.  Acupuncture Medicine completes Western Medicine.

Today, Acupuncture Medicine is a broad term that encapsulates several different therapeutic approaches:

  • Acupuncture (pin-pointing and stimulating pressure points with sterile, single use needles)
  • Herbal Therapy (either taken as tablets or applied topically as liniments or soaks)
  • Tui Na (pronounced Twee-Na; a form of massage)
  • Bone-setting(from which Chiropractic Medicine developed)
  • Heat Therapy (applying various herbs, infra-red lamps and lasers to pressure points)
  • Cupping (using suction cups to increase circulation to specific areas of the body)
  • Physical Exercise Therapy (using gentle movements to improve balance and circulation)
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations (easy-to-follow ideas that improve your life)


Acupuncturists today are trained through rigorous, four year graduate programs that cover ancient philosophy and theory, modern scientific research, and current best practices to ensure safety and positive results for our patients.  In addition to private and community clinics throughout the United States, Acupuncture Medicine is used by most major hospitals and institutions including the U.S. Armed Forces, the Veterans Administration, Johns Hopkins University, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and Cancer Centers of America to name a few.


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